Our Products

Frozen Fish

Pescados Congelados

Export of frozen fish in block e IQF, mainly hake, yellow croaker, mackerel, etc

IQF Frozen

Export of frozen fish in block e IQF, mainly hake, yellow croaker, mackerel, etc


Export of flour of fish of high quality to all the world for food balanced.

Fish Oil

We produce and export Omega-3rich fish oil

Our Factories and Sections

Factory of fishmeal and fishoil

Refrigerators and Chamber of frozen

New line of products IQF

Factory of drawers plastics

Store Naval

Next generation technology to achieve wide acceptance in the global marketplace products.

Camara de Congelado - Coomarpes

Have with two refrigerators for the processing of the fish and with a camera of frozen of large capacity to store our products.

Máquina Congelado IQF - Coomarpes

Add a new IQF frozen processing machine generating high quality for marketing products.

Inyectora de Cajones - Coomarpes

Our machine injection of plastic caters to the market local of drawers plastics of different measures and formats.

Coomarpes - Almacén Naval

Store Naval with all it needed to cater to our partners and customers.