Coomarpes desde el aireAbout Our Company

Since 1950 Coomarpes Ltda has not stopped offering services to both partners and third parties. Founded by a group of visionary fishermen, it sought in its beginnings to solve the problem of the sale of fish in the bank, but in the course of the years it was incorcorando Naval workshop, Naval warehouse, Ice in scales, Warehouses of equipment, Cranes, Drawer unit, Drawer unit.

Becoming a cooperative of services to an industrialization and export, was not a minor issue and took many years of work and effort, so that today its products are valued throughout the world. Thus began with frozen products, then came the flour plant and oils. All the plants are maintained in excellent sanitary conditions, with a demanding quality control, in compliance with the current regulations (HACCP), in order to give our customers peace of mind, maintaining the level of excellence that accredits and identifies our products in the international market.

Today Coomarpes groups more than 80 boats, of different dimensions, that using different methods and fishing gear are dedicated to the capture of diverse species, totaling around 30,000 tons per year.

With an administration based on transparency, honesty and a high sense of social responsibility, it enables the direct and indirect development of more than five thousand families related to the fishing sector.

For all this, we want to highlight and it is in view the usefulness of the cooperative system as a tool for growth and development.