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Cooperatives and circular economy

Work, sustainability and evolution in favor of the port sector.

The cooperative maintains its founding values, creating spaces and conditions to develop a circular economy, around the services provided and the current demands of the sector. This allows the growth of the entire local fishing ecosystem, and the strengthening and benefit of the people who are part of the port.

International certifications

We are highly committed to continuous improvement in all our processes and operations, thus achieving international certification under the Marin Trust standard in 2017 and currently ready to certify our environmental management and occupational health and safety systems under ISO 14001 and 45001 standards.

We promote local employment

More than 5,000 families work around the cooperative directly and indirectly, and nourish the Port of Mar del Plata with activity.

CSR policies

We expand actions with the food bank and other institutions, with the aim of contributing actions that help our community.

Coomarpes Foundation

The foundation carries out several training programs suitable for the entire public and the community in general.

Our commitment

Our commitment to quality and safety, the environment and occupational health and safety allows us to guarantee top-level products for more than 70 years of experience, thus achieving the satisfaction of our customers and all interested parties.

Environmental commitment  –  Sustainability 


Environmental commitment  –  Sustainability 


Sustainable processes

Coomarpes Ltda. considers caring for the environment vital, for this reason our existing treatment plant was expanded under the design and supervision of INTI, thus ensuring that the values ​​of the liquids resulting from the production process continue to decrease.

We defend local fishing and its founding values since 1950

Daily tons of raw material processing


Families work around Coomarpes


Currently, Coomarpes groups more than 80 vessels of different sizes, dedicated to capturing various species using various fishing methods and gear, totaling around 30,000 tons annually.

More than 70 years next to the Mar del Plata Port

Since its founding in 1950, Coomarpes Ltda has maintained an uninterrupted trajectory providing services to both its partners and third parties. This cooperative was created by a group of visionary fishermen who, in the beginning, focused on solving the challenge of selling fish on the shoulder.
Over time, they have expanded their scope, incorporating various activities such as the Naval Workshop, Naval Warehouse, Flake Ice, Goods Warehouses, Cranes, Freezing Chamber, Drawer Injection Machine and Drawer Laundry.


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Environment, Occupational Health and Safety

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